Now, you may not know the name Blaine Anderson yet, but you will soon when it’s lit up all over Broadway.

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Klaine Week 2014: Favorite Moments of Affection in Season 5
↳ A season of casual intimacy between fiancés.

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If Blaine doesn’t already have this in his closet for his future child I will be the most upset. Look at it!


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I know I’ve been playing for a while—I know what time I started, I know I had like an hour…(x)

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mia swier + glee cast

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@darrencriss: This shit is bananas. I’m a tired panda. And my happy circuits have been meddled with. I’m gonna sleep this one out. Good night, world. 

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it’s kind of funny that this was like the first song i got to sing right before my life turned around. it is funny. it’s bizarre, but i also find it very poetic and that’s just the romantic in me, but basically i’m like living my teenage dream, because i get to do, i was going to refute that with a really snarky comment, but like it is, it’s pretty special and to do what i get to do i don’t take for granted and i don’t take for granted that a bunch of strangers came out to give a shit about what i do, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. and um, yeah, it’s just nice to share this with people, so thank you for being my teenage dream.

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